Shelly T, Age 41 - Greenwood, IN

"Growing up, I was always very active. I started out as a gymnast; then I played soccer, volleyball, softball and racquetball. As I got older, like so many people do, I became less active. That's when my seemingly never-ending battle with the scale began. My weight would constantly fluctuate, but progressively, it was going up. I wasn't eating right. I gained the most weight after I had my second child. I had gestational diabetes with the first two children. Thankfully, the condition was diet controlled. But as soon as I had my second child, my bad eating habits returned. I noticed the scale was higher after my second child than it was when he was still in my belly!!!

That's when I realized it was time to do something about it!! I was tired of feeling depressed, overweight, sluggish and out of shape! Even my doctor mentioned my weight in a check-up visit. I tried so many different "fad" diets like the Atkins diet, the South Beach diet, and Weight Watchers. All of them worked to some degree, but they weren't permanent and I gained weight back.

So, I began following the "no think diet" and I started working out regularly. I am very busy with three kids, so it's hard to find the time! But in the end, I lost 36 pounds and a total of about 11 inches off my body! I went from a size 12 to a size 3. That's after having 3 kids! I'm so much happier now and I love the results! I have so much more energy for my kids and they can tell I'm happier now, too!"

Disclaimer: Shelly T's success story is individual, and not necessary typical, results of using the program widely depend on additional factors, such as age, sex, and health condition, etc... recommended USDA diet, regular exercise, and advisement from a physician are recommended in order to fully utilize our program

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Matt Callen (age 31) says:
I've been doing the master cleanse for the pas week along Side with Intermediate fasting for the off days and have lost 10 lb! Can't wait to see more improvements!
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